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A Bit About Me

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Hi there! I'm Jade aka Avamo, and I've embarked on an incredible journey of growth and self-discovery in the music industry. From starting at a basic level to now completing a Masters degree, I've been on an exciting path of self-learning, honing my skills in music production, guitar, and songwriting.

Throughout my musical journey, I've passionately dedicated myself to learning various aspects of music creation. I took it upon myself to delve into the world of music production, experimenting with software and equipment, refining my understanding of sound engineering, and pushing the boundaries of it's possibilities.

I taught myself the guitar, and I also immersed myself in the art of songwriting. By exploring different musical genres and studying the works of influential songwriters, I have developed a unique approach to crafting melodies, relatable lyrics, and compelling arrangements that resonate with listeners.

My dedication has lead to my music being played by BBC Introducing which has been an incredible milestone in my career. It's an honour to have my creations recognised and appreciated by such a prestigious platform, providing me with the confidence to continue pursuing my musical dreams.

In addition to my solo endeavors, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a music production company called Tileyard. As a topliner, I've had the opportunity to work alongside talented producers and artists, contributing my lyrical and melodic expertise to create dynamic and commercially viable tracks. This experience has allowed me to refine my craft further and develop a deep understanding of the collaborative nature of the music industry.

Now, armed with a Masters degree, I am more determined than ever to make my mark in the music industry. I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and skills during my academic journey, studying the intricacies of music business, artist development, and marketing strategies. I am ready to take the next step, connect with industry professionals, and seize every opportunity that comes my way.

My ultimate goal is to immerse myself fully in the music industry, whether as a solo artist, songwriter, producer, or a combination of these roles. I am eager to continue growing, learning, and pushing myself creatively, constantly striving to refine my sound and connect with a wider audience.

With each step forward, I embrace the challenges and rewards that come with being part of the music world. I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to making a lasting impact with my music.

Avamo -
Music Producer, Singer, SongWriter, Topliner & Composer.

Berkshire, United Kingdom



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