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AVAMO grew up in the Canary Islands and was immersed in the music scene from a young age. Her official singing career began upon forming a cover band and until the Covid outbreak they performed regularly at Jazz After Dark, an intimate venue in Soho, London, where Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty also used to perform.

When lockdown was announced, she tried her hand at learning the guitar and since then has written and composed the songs you see today.

Being raised in an English/Spanish culture exposed her to an eclectic range of musical influences, she describes her style as "pop/country rock meets a modern twist of soul".

Her lyrics are born from a mixture of experiences and observations. ‘Great Escape’ is about feeling trapped in a failing relationship, the song recently received airplay on BBC Introducing along with a few other numbers. ​

"These last few months have taught her a lot about herself: how deep below the surface perceptions can hide and how rewarding it can be to express yourself through music."


As the songs began to flow all that was missing was a 'stage name' so after several hours of layering vocals, she came up with AVAMO, an acronym for All Voices Are My Own. Why ? simply because any voice you hear belongs to AVAMO.


All Music is Original, Written, Composed and Recorded BY AVAMO.


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